Online HR 3200 – Healthcare Bill

In case you have not seen a copy of the only bill that is available to us,  HR 3200, you can access it, download and save your own copy (adobe pfd). 
Here is one link to it.
This is the bill that the House Commerce and Energy Committee,  chaired by Henry Waxman,  “voted out of committee” at the last minute before going on Summer recess.  It is supposedly ready for floor debate (unless the House leaders use parliamentary procedures to forego debate) when the House returns.  The bill is 1017 pages long so think twice before hitting “print”.  It is easy to access and review digitally.  
The Senate reportedly is working on four  bills in various committees, none of which have advanced “out of committee”; thus not available to us.     At a Senator McCaskill (D-MO) town hall meeting,  the senator kept telling the attendees they were wrong about what was in “the health care bill” when they referred to specific sections of HR 3200.   When they learned that “the” Health care bill she was referring  to was on her laptop and not available to them, some became a bit frustrated.  She was surprised to learn that they didn’t trust her. 
And there is yet another health care bill, the President’s “my bill”. He  repeatedly refers  to “my bill” when he  tells those who read HR 3200 that what they read doesn’t exist.   Apparently  no one in the House, Senate or the public has seen “my bill”.    You would think he would have given “my bill”  to Henry Waxman and had it voted on instead of HR 3200…possibly he hasn’t written  “my bill” yet.

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